Faculty Relocation/Dual Career Services FAQ

What services do you offer?
Our services are individually tailored and include:
  • Expert guidance for faculty partners seeking meaningful academic and non-academic jobs and other professional development.
  • Dedicated assistance for residential purchases and rentals in Chicago and the surrounding areas.
  • Specialized relocation research: From resources for children with special needs to locating dog parks, we research questions important to you.
  • Social opportunities for faculty to meet colleagues.
  • Job workshops and special events especially for accompanying partners.

Here is a list of our full services.

Who can use your services?

We support tenured and tenure-track faculty at the University of Chicago as well as  L. E. Dickson Instructors, Collegiate Assistant Professors, and recently hired executive administrators.

By request of deans and department chairs, we also assist faculty being recruited to the University of Chicago to learn about housing, resources and job possibilities for their partners in the Chicago area.

Request our services.

Can I get dual career assistance if I do not fit into one of the above categories?

We will meet once with the partners of UChicago faculty who do not fit into the above categories.

When is the best time to begin working with your office?

You may contact us at any time.

For dual career support, we find it best if a client begins to work with us 3-6 months before arriving in Chicago.

For housing assistance, clients should contact us as soon as they are ready to look for housing.

How do partners work with your office?

Prospective clients must first complete and submit our intake form and we will follow up.

Do you get people jobs?

We cannot guarantee employment; we are one resource in a client's career search. Successful clients also use a variety of resources, including LinkedIn, specialized Internet job boards like GCM HERC and general job search sites like indeed.com, as well as established and new networks. Additional career resources can be found here.

Can you help me with visa information?

Faculty Relocation/Dual Career Services works closely with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to support the international partners of UChicago faculty. The University provides all faculty members with legal assistance in the application for both temporary and permanent visas. Faculty should contact their dean's office to request referral to outside counsel or the Office of International Affairs.

Please note that our office does not sponsor individuals nor do we refer clients to recruiters for purposes of sponsorship.

We're new to Chicago; how can you help us?

In addition to housing and career assistance, we help research relocation-related questions of interest. We also organize many events for new faculty, their partners and their families. This has led to friendships, collaborations and even impromptu happy hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!